RYAN & JURASKA LLP Certified Public Accountants

Accounting and Consulting Services at Ryan & Juraska LLP

Audit Services

We perform audit services for more than 120 clients annually, focusing on the following types of entities:

  • Broker-Dealers
  • Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs)
  • Commodity Pools
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Proprietary Trading Firms
  • Private Foundations
  • Other Regulated and Non-Regulated Entities

Our broker-dealer clients are comprised of clearing firms, proprietary trading entities, and introducing brokers. Our hedge fund clients include both domestic and offshore funds.

Many nonregulated entities are affiliated with the parents of regulated firms that we audit. Other special audits we perform include recordkeeping for the hedge fund managers. We also conduct anti-money laundering (AML) reviews under the requirements of the USA PATRIOT Act and conduct various agreed-upon procedures and compilation engagements.

Tax Services

Ryan & Juraska LLP has extensive industry experience and knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), international reporting requirements, and gift and estate tax guidelines. We continually monitor legislative, regulatory, and pertinent developments in all areas of taxation.

Our firm prepares tax returns for over 90% of our audit clients. We also perform tax services for various other execution groups, brokers, proprietary traders, high net worth individuals, trusts, and private foundations.

We specialize in all states and entity structures, including corporations, S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, other pass-through entities, individuals, private foundations, estates, trusts, and gift taxes. We also specialize in U.S. tax compliance with all foreign investment and bank reporting.

Consulting Services

Our consulting engagements encompass special projects and litigation support services. We work on special projects for large domestic and international banks, futures commission merchants (FCMs), and exchange operators.

We have performed various projects for the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), including cost analyses of open outcry compared to electronic trading. Our litigation support services include expert witness work and forensic analysis for issues pertaining to the securities and futures industries.

For the individual, we also specialize in effective estate planning to help minimize the tax liability upon the transfer of assets from one generation to the next to ensure your wishes are carried out in the future.